Rail freight

For a sustainable future

You can opt for a weekly freight rail transport from China - Chengdu, Wuhan, Yiwu - on the famous Trans-Siberian route, with a transit time of 20 days from terminal to terminal. From the final point in Europe, Warsaw (Poland), the goods are transferred by road to Romania, to the door.

Cheaper than air freight șand two weeks faster than sea freight , rail freight is a competitive alternative to Chinese deliveries. Reliability for different goods, including high volume, oversized, sensitive, high value or dangerous, makes this type of transportation a versatile and efficient solution.

In addition, you can rely on the predictability of a fixed schedule without significant delays due to traffic jams or unexpected costs. Moreover, the low CO2 emissions of rail deliveries help you build a solid image for consumers interested in sustainability.

Different solutions for different needs



Duration and predictability make the difference,
but there are other reasons to choose rail freight.

Excellent duration-price ratio

Guaranteed departures

Different types of containers available

Goods consolidation services

Containerized group transport (LCL)

Railway solution for small cargo

Do not miss the benefits of rail freight even if you import small volume goods. Pay only for the space occupied as in the case of LCL shipping.

Transport with dedicated container (FCL)

Railway solution for large goods

Choose the option of a whole container if you deliver large quantities. You enjoy competitive prices, a guaranteed schedule, but also flexibility in choosing the right type of container.

Rail freight is an efficient solution for our customers in the industries: