Yawo Services Values

Values after we guide ourselves are the basis of our activity.
We respect them as a map towards solving problems and understanting the needs of every and each of our team mates, but also towards the satisfaction of our clients.


Transparent and clear communication

We communicate without interpretations with clients, but also between us. We build a place where we feel understood and listened to. Communication alone is the key to solving any problem.



Self-criticism to become better and better

We did not set out to achieve perfection. At Yawo Services, we solve and discuss any mistake together because we never stop learning.



Creativity as a competitive advantage

We overcame any difficult situation by thinking creatively and adapting our solutions to the needs and demands of our clients in order to obtain the desired results.



Balance in everything

We strongly believe that a balanced approach is the most productive method of work, but also a necessity for every business. We give our all every day to improve the balance between quality and price in such a way that we can maximise the results of our clients with minimal resources.

Our vision is to become a strong international company that connects people and goods through logistical and functional solutions.

Every day, we do everything we can to meet customer standards, anticipating difficulties, thinking, watching and contributing to the success of their business.

Our mission is to develop Yawo Services into a company renowned for its customer-centric approach and customized solutions in global logistics and freight.

Customer satisfaction and difficult missions successfully motivate us to constantly improve our services.