Air freight

Cargo air freight

Thanks to the experience and the network of global partners, we have the right options whether you are transporting small or oversized, high value or dangerous goods.

This will make it easier to meet supply challenges in a world where production resources and consumer needs are constantly changing.

Air freight is an essential need for industries and customers who depend on fast and safe deliveries, anywhere and anytime. Whether you need a courier on board or the first available flight from China, UAE, India or the USA, our services bring you a major competitive advantage.

Different solutions
for different needs


Air transport is unbeatable if fast deliveries are essential.
But there are other benefits.

Guaranteed flights
even during peak periods

Delivery of goods
as soon as possible

Transport of dangerous goods (batteries, magnets, special liquids)

Global coverage through global WCA and GAA alliances

Goods consolidation services

Charter air freight

Delivery by dedicated plane in maximum 24 hours

Make sure you have full control of the most important items for the delivery of goods with the option of air transport of goods on a charter basis. This customizable solution allows you to respond efficiently to urgent supply needs, even from the most remote locations.
Benefit from the fastest delivery time for goods with no limit on weight, volume or value.
We assure you the fast processing of the request, the priority taking over of the order, the reservation of the first available plane and the support of a team with experience in air freight services.

Courier on board

Delivery within 36 hours

Enjoy the benefits of this premium air transport option for valuable goods under 100 kg, which require urgent delivery.
With this solution, the courier on board delivers your goods, registered as hold baggage, anywhere in the world. The transport has priority at boarding, and the presence of the courier ensures the fast settlement of customs formalities.
To guarantee the safety of your goods, we only work with partners with a long experience as a courier on board. In addition, we offer you assistance in choosing the best insurance policy.

Next Flight Out

Delivery within 3 days

Opt for the Next Flight Out premium service if you need to transport goods up to 1,000 kg in no time. You thus benefit from the fastest delivery solution for orders in large quantities.
We make sure your cargo arrives on the first available flight for routes to and from China, the United Arab Emirates, India and the United States.
We guarantee you priority in taking over and processing customs procedures. The transit duration is a maximum of 3 calendar days.

Express service

Delivery within 5 days

Discover the benefits of air freight even if your goods do not have to be delivered urgently. You enjoy direct access to the same global network of routes covered by our partners and the best safety conditions.
You can transport goods with a weight limit of 3,000 kg, and delivery is made within a maximum of 5 calendar days.
The service has a medium priority in loading, but thanks to the options for consolidating the goods, your transport reaches its destination in the shortest time.

Standard Service

Delivery within 12 days

Choose standard service if you want to take advantage of the undisputed benefits of air travel at a competitive price for unlimited weight deliveries. You have at hand a flexible solution, which allows you to transport large quantities of various goods in no more than 12 calendar days.
Distance is not an issue. Thanks to our network of global partners, we can provide you with safe air freight anywhere in the world.
The standard service has a medium priority at loading, but with the option of delivery to the door, the goods reach their destination in the shortest time.

Economy Service

Delivery within 15 days

Balance budget prioritization with the benefits of air freight. The economic service is the most cost-friendly solution for goods with a transit time between 12 and 15 calendar days.
This option allows you to deliver any type of goods, without weight limit, on air routes with global coverage.
The economic service has a minimum loading priority. But, as in the case of any air transportation organized by Yawo Services ,we ensure the transfer of goods to the door.

Air freight is the most efficient solution for our customers in industries such as: