Road freight

Efficient and safe anywhere in Europe

Thanks to the extensive network of partners, we offer spot road transport to and from all European countries.

Road freight transportation remains the most reliable option for destinations in Europe due to door-to-door delivery to any location on the continent. In addition, the possibility of transferring any type of goods, including oversized and dangerous, makes this mode of transportation an indispensable solution to the challenges of production and distribution.

We respond to the different needs of customers through various types of road transportation of goods, also connected with air and rail services.

Thus, for customers and industries where time is essential, we deliver in a minimum of 12 hours and in a maximum of 48 with the time critical service. For LTL shipments, you have weekly departures on routes to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, and for dedicated transportation you can choose from a wide fleet of vehicles.

Different solutions
for different needs

Different solutions
for different needs

road_1Road freight
Time critical transport for urgent deliveries
road_2Road freight
Groupage regime for small transports (LTL)
road_3Road freight
Dedicated truck for bulky orders (FTL)


Flexibility makes the difference,,
but there are other reasons to choose this transportation option.

Door-to-door delivery

Different trucks available

Any type of dangerous goods

Coverage anywhere in Europe

Goods consolidation services

Dedicated truck (FTL)

Direct and personalized deliveries

Opt for the predictability and safety of a dedicated truck transport. We offer FTL services, in spot mode, anywhere in Europe.

Road groupage mode (LTL)

Deliveries between 5 and 12 days

Keep costs under control, but also establish a clear delivery schedule with LTL shipments. We have a schedule of weekly departures on routes in relation to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Next Drive Out

Deliveries between 12 and 48 hours

Choose the Next Drive Out service for non-delayed road haulage. We deliver to the door in no more than two days.
We regularly organize time critical shipments for customers in the aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Road freight is a vital solution for our customers in industries such as: